For children to blossom in the twenty-first century environment, we facilitate an integrative platform for students, parents, and schools.


Self-Reliant and emotionally intelligent students
Scientifically aware and collaborative parents
Innovative and emotionally-conscious schools



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Founder - Vaishali Bafna

Vaishali Bafna has been in the field of education for the past decade. She has taught English, Hindi, Math, Art, and Science to students from 5-14 years of age. She has worked in a prestigious main stream school in Mumbai for 8 years where she taught children with special needs and designed an award winning curriculum; conceptualised and implemented an innovative Math project along with developing the Math curriculum. She is a graduate in Commerce and Education and masters in Business Administration. She has also engaged in a number of specialised coursework which include an advanced diploma in creative writing, Harvard certified courses on Metacognition and differential instructions, and Brain Gym 101. She is also extremely dedicated to social work and is on the advisory board of educators of the NGO "Veerayatan" for a project of opening 200 schools for underprivelleged children nationwide.

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