Organic Thinking

Organic thinking is like the 'organic food' for the brain. When we have organic food, we feel lighter, fresher, and healthier. Similarly, when we think organically we are de-stressed, fresh, and active. Organic thinking is a personal experience that changes the way we think and work in the long term.

In our programs, children understand through natural ways of thinking instead of adapting to artifically induced patterns of thinking.

Metacognitive Thinking

Metacognition is awareness and understanding of our own thought processes. It is what triggers our passion and enhances our ability to understand the purpose and goals of our lives. It makes us mindful and aware of our actions and existence. Metacognitive thinking influences our culture, behaviour, and what we pass to the future generations. It is the 'DNA' of the brain.

Where cognition gives us knowledge, metacognition gives us wisdom. Through metacognitive thinking our students make personal connections with their learning and stretch their understanding to think deeply about the information they gain.

Whole Brain Thinking

Whole brain thinking is the ability to balance logical and artistic processing of what we observe and seek to understand. Instead of perceiving studying as a laborious task, such a balance makes learning an enjoyable experience that yields maximum productivity and accordingly maximum potential.

Whole brain thinkers become self-reliant, confident, and eager to expand their potential; they are the Da Vinci's of the future. They become holisitc thinkers and appreciate art logically and logic artfully.


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