What we do?

We conduct sessions with a mixed age group that provides a stimulating environment. Through discussions, art, craft, audio, visuals, and movements we spark and fuel innovative thinking.

The duration of the program is 9 months and has three levels: basic, intermediate, advanced (3 months each).

The Junior Program is for 6-8 year olds. The Senior Program is for 9-11 year olds.

Programs on emotional intelligence are conducted for 12 year olds and up.

What your child gains?

Visualization: Analyzes objects and ideas from a multitude of perspectives
Fluency: Generates ideas at a faster pace
Curiosity: Asks intelligent questions and develops strong research skills
Cohesiveness: Presents ideas sequentially with smooth transitions for clear understanding

The skills garnered are used for learning in school and enhancing communication.

What we address?

Teaching thinking techniques: creative, critical, logical, consolidative thinking
Developing brain consciousness: awareness about the development of the brain
Concretising abstract processes: understand one's own methods of thinking

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